Tayla Brew

Sales Co-ordinator

Tayla Brew

The real estate industry is gritty, fast-paced, energetic, and rich in relational opportunities. Tayla would know, she’s been cutting her teeth in other highly regarded fields before finding the culture that mirrors her drive — here, at WHITEFOX.

Tayla is the exceptional right-hand to the agents in Brighton, and it takes the right hands to deal with all matters of organising, coordinating, and delivering exactly what the team needs to facilitate the best client experience. She’s the first to help and the last to leave an event, with an attitude that matches any challenges head-on.

It was the WHITEFOX lifestyle that tempted Tayla, but it was the marketing that she resonated with most. Joining a team that matches her energetic, confident, and bright demeanour sold her quicker than a half dozen oysters and glass of rosé at Neptune.

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