Rory Donovan-Stumbles

Chief Financial Officer

Rory Donovan-Stumbles

Rory’s knowledge about The Deal?
On the money.

With more than a decade of experience, and a Chartered Accountant qualification to his name, Rory brings analytical problem solving in house to WHITEFOX. Talking money, without it sounding like ‘money talk’, Rory is driving the business so those navigating your deal can focus solely on that. Stable. Sincere. Strategic. Rory sees the bigger picture during a time where emotion can mask logic. Much like the decision to move Trans-Tasman during a global pandemic — fact.

And after years in the game, Rory has an extensive understanding of those properties that increase with value over time — like a good historic pub. Which is exactly where you’ll find him, pale ale in hand, once The Deal is done.

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