Karlee Sharman

Advisor & Negotiator

Karlee Sharman

THE DEAL: With 19 years weaving through the fabric of property, including leasing and commercial, Karlee’s expertise runs deep. She’s been at the heart of transactions and the connections and conversations that go along with them for as long as she can remember.

Karlee excels through an approach marked by warmth and an inherent knack for connecting on a human level, fostering trust and confidence effortlessly. Her affinity for marketing aligns with the visionary ethos of WHITEFOX — sophisticated, magnetic, and in a league of its own.

With a life now lived on the Peninsula but formerly in the north, Karlee brings a wealth of knowledge about the buying and selling of real estate across the city and will be driving force behind Lloyd Hillard and the Peninsula team’s success. Her attention to detail, outgoing personality and genuine and authentic nature which helps her quickly build relationships and trust in others.

When she’s not helping create memorable moments for her clients, it’s with her son Hudson that you see the true Karlee shine. A proud mother, she if often found at Soul Press sharing a babycino with her favourite little man.

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